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Meet Our Board Members



  • "Toughness is doing what it takes to make a difference.  It is not thinking or accepting you have a ceiling, but you have another notch, another gear.  Toughness is not about being big or strong, or about being a bully." ~ Tom Izzo
  • "It is not enough to want to win.  You have to be willing to do what it takes to prepare yourself to win, and willing to put in the extra work necessary to be great." ~ Tom Crean
  • "Toughness is a skill that can be learned and developed.  We can all be tougher." ~ Jay Bilas


  • A great teammate develops real relationships with their teammates
  • A great teammate brings their teammates together
  • A great teammate is willing to play any role on the team
  • A great teammate always gives their maximum effort
  • A great teammate works hard to improve their game
  • A great teammate always leads by example
  • A great teammate is always prepared before practices and games
  • A great teammate understands their own strengths & weaknesses
  • A great teammate always has a positive & energetic attitude
  • A great teammate always displays positive body language.

Go Jags!

Coach Karcz

Ashwaubenon Jaguars

Dream Big, Work Hard!!! Have a great season. Develop as a player, be a great teammate and work hard. Go Jaguars!

ABA Board Members

Name Title
AJ Vanden Hoogen President
Danielle Jackson Secretary
Adam Janquart Website Manager
April Johnson Equipment/Apparel Manager
Eric Nicolaus Treasurer
Tara Brown Marketing
Chris Karcz Varsity Basketball Head Coach
Micki Volk Event Coordinator
Beth Hischke Parent Volunteer Coordinator
Brandon Dziatkewich Fundraising Coordinator
Mike Wittig Youth Basketball Coordinator
Mike Gezella Varsity Basketball Assistant

Ashwaubenon Basketball Association ABA Board of Directors